Room Rates Policy:

Standard Regular Rate: 

   Non-Antique Show or Special Event

     Rates 7 nights per week:

     Single Room – Sleeps 2-3:  $149

     Double Room – Sleeps 4:  $169

Free Hot Breakfast provided Saturday & Sunday mornings only:

     Round Top Coffee Shop (OFF-SITE:  1/2 mile South)

     111 W Wantke

     Round Top, TX 78954

Holidays & Special Events

(Not Including Antique Shows): 

     Wine Trail and Select Holidays (some holidays are 2-night minimum)

     All Rooms:  Select Dates on Reservation Calendar for current pricing. 

Antique Shows: 

    Spring, Fall & Winter Rates – 2 night minimum

     Rates vary depending on arrival dates.

     Please enter dates on reservation calendar to obtain current pricing. 

1-night reservations are available for a $100 up-charge per room prior to:

     March 1st for Spring Show & October 1st for Fall Show. Pending availability. 

Must call directly to reserve for 1-night during Antique Shows prior to cutoff. 

1-night reservations become posted available as follows without up-charge:

    March 1st for Spring Shows and October 1st for Fall Shows. 

Rates listed do not include 13% Hotel Tax:

     6% Texas State Hotel Tax

     7% Round Top Local Hotel Tax

Winter Antique Show: 2-Night Minimum

     Please enter dates on reservation calendar to obtain current pricing.

     1-night reservations will open to availability on January 1st. 

Antique Show Official Dates (2-night Minimum):

Summer Pop-UP show 2023:  June 8th – 11th

          Premium Dates:  June 8th through 10th

Fall 2023:  October 12th – October 29th

          Non-Premium Dates:  October 12th – October 18th

          Premium Dates:  October 19th – October 28th

Winter 2024:  January 18th – January 20th

          Premium Dates:  January 18 – January 20th

Spring 2024:  March 14th – March 31st

          Non-Premium Dates:  March 14th through March 21st

          Premium Dates:  March 22nd through March 30th

Fall 2024:  October 10th – October 27th

          Non-Premium Dates:  October 10th – October 16th

          Premium Dates:  October 17th – October 26th

Winter 2025:  January 16th – January 19th

          Premium Dates:  January 16th through January 18th


Cancellation Policy:

Standard Rate (Non-Antique Show)

     14 days prior to scheduled arrival.  You will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee per room if you notify the owner in writing at least 14 days prior to arrival.

     Reservations that become 14 days or less, prior to scheduled arrival, becomes completely NON-REFUNDABLE. 

     In addition, a reservation cannot be moved to a later date, once 14 day window arrives. 

     Please send cancellation or changes by written request to email:

Special Events

     (Wine Trail & National Holidays).  30 days prior to scheduled arrival. You will receive a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee per room .

Antique Show Dates (Spring, Fall & Winter) – See Official Dates for Each Season

     You must notify the owner by email prior to the each listed cancellation date to receive a refund minus $100 cancellation fee per room.   

     Please send cancellation & reservation change emails to:

     February 15th for Spring Shows, February 15th for Fall Show & December 15th for Winter Antique Shows. 

     If any of your reservation dates fall within the posted Antique Show dates, the Cancellation policy for Antique Show applies.

     After cancellation dates, NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason.  In addition, reservations cannot be moved to a later date.